Because details matter!

From candles to photo frames, art, scatters, table decor, to lamps. Dressers, tables, bookshelves, mantles all become more beautiful with a little bit of attention. Dressing the space with accessories adds interest, says more about you, and adds flair to your personal space. This is the part that gives the personality to your home. By choosing decorative pieces at the final stage of decorating,  the plan is completed and gives your space its own individuality. Even though these get added at the final stages, they should not be neglected and added as an after -thought. Let us show you how!


Finding the perfect pieces to make a real interior design statement does not happen overnight, you need to know where to look and what to buy.

As the interior design market grows, we are faced with endless options that are right at our finger tips. It is because of this that shopping for décor for your home can be quite overwhelming. Let Inside Out Interiors relieve your stress and accompany you on a shopping expedition. Before setting out, we will have all measurements, have seen the space, and have all our design inspiration so that we are fully prepared for the task. Whether you require assistance with only one item or an entire room, we know that the passion we have for finding the perfect item for the space will make the day fun filled and worth it. Using the personal shopping service can save you time and money and can help you to hone your ideas. Book now for an appointment.


A vital part to the interior design of a room is its lighting. Lighting needs to complement the design style of your room as well as being functional. The correct combination of lights can brighten up any space, making it feel considerably more stylish, welcoming and intimate. The combined use of both decorative and task or functional lighting sets a very definite mood for the room.

Lighting should always blend with the style of décor in a room. Chandeliers work well in a classic styled room and create the feeling of opulence. If they are able to be dimmed they can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere when entertaining.

Table lamps are on trend. They soften a brightly lit area but at the same time are ideal for task lighting in spaces such as a reading nook. Table lamps also provide a sculptural element to a space. The selection of lamps available to clients can complement any décor style.

From chandeliers to scones to recessed LED lighting to lamps. Inside Out Interiors can shed some light!

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