One aspect of decorating a room are the walls. Today we are not limited to paint only but with wall papers we can choose from different patterns, modern geometrics, feminine florals and textures as well as colours. Wall paper certainly gives a very different appeal to the aesthetics of a room that painting does not.


  • Wallpaper can enhance the look of a room, making it appear larger and more appealing than mere paint.
  • Wallpaper enables one to add elements of surprise, drama, and sophistication to a room.
  • It tells a story about the style of a room. A Victorian room would look rather odd without wall paper on the walls
  • Wall paper adds a feature to an accent wall.
  • For Faux surfaces a textured wall paper can be applied and then followed with paint to give the impression of a beautiful old tin ceiling.
  • The wall will add interest and character to a room.
  • A wall papered wall brings a room to life and adds glamour to it.

Inside Out Interiors offer full wall papering services from custom design to installation.

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