Interior Design Services

We offer a comprehensive range of interior design services to corporate, commercial and residential clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Interior Design

Our style blends classic and contemporary, European and local design influences into a unique and eclectic mix.

Interior Decor Planning

0All areas in your home interact with each other so a home visit by our consultant gives us a good feel of how your spaces need to co-ordinate with one another and how they can be integrated.

Custom Furniture

Trends in furniture don’t change over night mostly because we don’t buy today and then discard in a week or two.


Cover Styl’ is a cost effective self-adhesive vinyl that can cover almost every surface in no time and this with many genuine patterns.

Our stretchable architectural film offers hundreds of patterns including Solid Colour, Metallic, Glitter, Leather, Fabric, Soft Touch and also natural material replications such as Wood, Stone and Marble. This pressure sensitive adhesive ensures clean, fast installation on a variety of substrates.


Planning our new reception area required certain specifics relating to our brand.

You understood our need right from the start and presented us with a proposal that underlined exactly what was required yet also added some further features which could not be ignored as they only enhanced and complimented your initial ideas.

We are truly proud of our new reception area as it speaks professionalism, has a feeling of tranquillity yet at the same time radiates energy.

We thank you for your enthusiasm and for effortlessly bringing style and quality to this project.”

Our Work

Inside Out Interiors are a hands on company that tackles each project with passion and enthusiasm. Our approach is to focus on the needs of the client first. The design brief is then translated into a style that suits the client and is then installed successfully.

Your One Stop Designer Accessory Shop

Inside Out Interiors will source all accessories required to complete a room, ensuring that our designs present a coherent look and feel. We will also consider a homeowner’s existing accessories with a view to incorporating as many of the homeowners treasured possessions as possible.



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