Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity in Interior Design

A well- defined corporate identity is a large contributor to corporate success. Businesses and corporations are investing in the process of redesigning their identities to build a strong relationship with their clients. A significant part of their identity is the interior design and functionality of the work space.

Branding a company is a big deal. It is what helps to leave a lasting impression of your business. Once a business is clear on their goals and brand strategy, they need to connect with their environment. Part of this connection is through office design.

Inside Out Interiors implements designs that have been directed by the brand of the company.

We were privileged to conceptualise and implement the reception area for the global company PricewaterhouseCooper, PwC. We worked with PwC’s branded colours to achieve a look that reflects their forward thinking and transparent approach to business.

Offices are often disconnected from the outside environment. We implemented Biophilic Design into the office space by designing an indoor vertical garden so that employees as well as clients can connect with nature within the office space.

 What did our client have to say,

Planning our new reception area required certain specifics relating to our brand.

You understood our need right from the start and presented us with a proposal that underlined exactly what was required yet also added some further features which could not be ignored as they only enhanced and complimented your initial ideas.

We are truly proud of our new reception area as it speaks professionalism, has a feeling of tranquillity yet at the same time radiates energy.

We thank you for your enthusiasm and for effortlessly bringing style and quality to this project.”

Karen van Zyl

on behalf of PwC eMalahleni


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