Tuscan Style Home – Interior Design

Tuscan Style Home – Interior Design

Tuscan Style Die Heuwel Home

About the project


The clients wanted a home design that brings Old World romance and elegant home furnishings together in a warm and inviting design scheme. As the husband was an avid sailor the request was to bring in a nautical look if possible.

What we did

The starting point was to use earth tone colours such as brown, burgundy, sage green, blues, reds and tangerine. These gave the home a warm, luxurious yet unpretentious feel.

Combinations of old and new furniture were used with the end result being very comfortable. Natural products such as walnut wood was used as they were durable and yet refined. The customised furniture was made by craftsman who lovingly manufacture each piece to spec.

The appeal lies in its simplicity. By combining comfortable, worn, loved pieces, the home becomes warm and inviting. There’s no attempt at pretence here.

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